Rank: 2a



Score: 91.87

Altitude: 1200 masl

Country: Brazil Pulped Naturals


Region: Minas Gerais

Program: Brazil Pulped Naturals 

Aroma/Flavor: pineapple, mandarin, apricot, orange zest, sugar cane, floral

Acidity: tangy, winy, citric, winy, mellow, bright

Other: red wine, passion fruit, exotic, crystal clear, amaretto aftertaste, creamy, complex,

Processing system: PULPED Natural

Variety : CATUAI

Farm Story:

Characteristics of the coffee lot

Processing: Pulped Natural / African beds

Variety: Catuaí 44

Average elevation: 1200 masl

Characteristics of the property

Location: Araponga, MG

Region: Matas de Minas

Total area: 49.9 ha

Area planted with coffee: 6 ha

Highest elevation: 1200 masl

History of the farm

Sítio do Vale, also known as Fazenda das Amoras, was acquired by the current owner as inheritance from his father, which he created and used to care for his children with the income from the farm, mainly from coffee. Luiz Henrique is continuing his father’s work, dedicating himself to work in the fields and making his farm a power in the production of specialty coffees by adding to the gifts of nature, elevation, climate, fertile soil and good topography, all that the environment provides for producing quality coffees. The property borders the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, has good springs that nourish the farm and has a large area of Atlantic Forest. It is located 7 km from the center of Araponga and is close to a municipal school when almost all of the family studied; working in the fields was always related to the children’s education. 

Coffee processing system

The harvest is done manually, seeking to create jobs. After being picked, the coffee is washed and passes through the huller. The water used in this phase is completely recycled with the use of a decantation tank. Next, the beans are taken for drying on concrete patios or African beds and are separated according to quality. After drying the lots are kept separated in rest boxes and are stored on the farm itself.

Concern about quality

With great dedication, the owner has invested in the property seeking to improve the productivity and quality of his coffees. Training courses, exchanges of knowledge, visits to several diverse farms in the region, applying innovative techniques, caring for the crops pre- and postharvest, all of in addition to concern for social and environmental matters has made Luiz Henrique stand out in the production of highquality coffees.