Rank: 2a

Farm Name: NZOVE 

Farmer/Rep.: Niyikiza Marceline – GREENCO

Score: 90.40

Country: Burundi


Region: Burundi

Aroma/Flavor: mango, pineapple, apple juice, apricot, lemonade, cabernet, honey dew, grape juice,

Acidity: lemonade, green grape, malic, crisp, complex, sparkling, structured, jasmine

Other: long aftertaste, creamy, rich, super bright and clean, viscous, transparent, balanced.

Variety : Bourbón

Farm Story:

Nzove was built in 1992 in the Mwumba Commune in the Ngozi province. It lies at an altitude of 1531m. The name ‘Nzove’ is derived from the herds of elephants (inzovu in Kirundi) that used to live in the surrounding hills. The washing station collects cherries from over 2400 local coffee farmers spread over the 12 neighboring colonies. During the season, Nzove processes more than 800 tons of coffee. In the cup, this coffee has a very bright acidity and offers a perfectly balanced profile.