Rank: 3

Farm Name: GAKENKE 

Farmer/Rep.: Karikumutima Cyprien – GREENCO

Score: 89.90

Country: Burundi


Region: Burundi

Aroma/Flavor: plum, jasmine, black cherry, tropical fruit juice, vanilla, spice, clove, date, lemon marangue, pear, peach, red apple, sugar cane, spring garden, fresh flower.

Acidity: malic, intense, juice, orange peel, orange, juice, well structured.

Other: creamy and balanced, silky finish, rich, velvety, long aftertaste, juicy red black tea, rose, buttery aftertaste, very long, licorice, spices, ginger taste

Variety : Bourbón


Farm Story:

Gakenke was built in 1991 in the Gatara Commune in the Kayanza province. It lies at an altitude of 1672m. Gakenke is named after the plants that are found in this region called imikenke. These plants have thin, hollow stems which people cut to use as a straw to drink the locally made banana beer. Many years ago, it was forbidden for anyone but the King to drink beer directly from the bottle. People would pour beer into a communal pot and sit in a circle together, and drink it with their straws. This washing station collects cherries from over 2600 local coffee farmers spread over the 22 neighboring colonies. During the harvest season, Gakenke processes more than 750 tons of coffee. In the cup, this coffee has a subtle profile that reveals strong flavor of chocolate and notes of tropical fruits, with a long fruity aftertaste.