Rank: 10

Farm Name: MUNYINYA 

Farmer/Rep.: Nshimirimana David – MUNYINYA COFFEE

Score: 88.33

Country: Burundi

Size: 31


Region: Burundi

Program: Burundi 

Aroma/Flavor: melon, mead, honey, brown sugar, molasses, caramel, red currants, honey and peach, plum, oranges

Acidity: complex, citric, tart, lively, dry

Other: dark cocoa finish, effervescent, clove, spice, peanut butter aftertaste

Variety : Bourbón

Farm Story:

Munyinya Coffee is a company that owns lot #10 COE 2017 winning lot and 3 lots in national winning lot. Here below is its story:

1. Address


Munyinya Hill,

Butaganzwa Commune,

Kayanza Province

North of Burundi

Altitude: 1760 m

Contact of the CEO of Munyinya coffee


Tél : +257 71 189 522


Email s:

2. Founders

Founders of Munyinya coffee washing station are coffee farmers of the area that put their means together in order to help other coffee farmers to meet their needs.

3. Slogan or Moto

Hard work, much income!!

4. Background of Munyinya washing station

From our little childhood we assisted parents in the growing coffee. ‘‘we used to see them earning much money from coffee’’ said one of cofounders. When we got mature we decided to grow it. ‘’My first coffee farm countered 400 trees. I invested much therein and today I have 12 000 trees of coffee in my six farms.’’ He added. Though coffee was intensively grown, my parents, my neighbours and I encountered troubled to process cherries. In fact, in the entire commune there was one coffee washing station owned by the Government and it was situated at almost 17km of walk. In the time of rain, during harvest period, all farmers were struggling to reach that wet mill. Then other and I decided to start building our own wet mil in order to end many issues such as long distance, great expenses of transportation, thefts in the weighing and delays of payments.

5. Achievement

In 2013, the coffee washing station was built. It opened doors for the first time from March 15th, 2014. From this first year of experience, we invested much time to train workers to work on producing high quality. As a result, the lots of coffee from this CWS won the cup of excellence competition. That is lot#13 in the twenty seven winning lots. Another lot was among the sixty presented to International jury.

Munyinya coffee washing station processed cherries from around 950 individual farmers. The total production reached 450 metric tons of cherries.

6. Long term purposes

The Munyinya coffee washing station founders aim at:

Changing living conditions of farmers of the area relaying on the existed potentiality
Renewing the coffee farms of the area to increase the source of income of farmers

7. Potentialities

Mountainous with High altitude adapted to coffee
Fertile mixture of sandy and muddy soil
Motivated coffee farmers to maintain and renew their coffee farms