Carúpano Pintao reveals up to 14% of white cacao beans due to its high criollo and trinitario genetics. This mixture of genes is what provides its exotic flavors.This special cacao possess unique and interesting flavors of framboise, banana, raisins, noisettes and spicy touch of poivre rosé.This cacao has particular fruity and acriollado notes. It’s perfect post-harvest process gives a cacao that results with low astringency, sour and bitterness.

Ingredients: 90% cacao mass, sugar cane.

Río Caribe is located in the eastern coast of Venezuela, specifically in the North of the Paria Peninsula, in the Arismendi Municipality, Sucre state. It borders: North with the Río Santiago community; South with Platanito community, East with La Concepción and West with El Queremene community.

Carupano Pintao Cacao from Sucre Venezuela