Cascara Coffee Husk

Fully dried Coffee Husk, so called Cascara or Coffee cherry tea, from our Farm Camocim in Brazil only. 

History of the farm

Fazenda Camocim, with 160 hectares, was

acquired by Mr. Olivar Fontenelle de Araújo in

1962. In 1999, with the help of his grandson,

Henrique Sloper de Araújo, 300,000 coffee trees

were planted and the large-scale production

of organic Arabica coffee began in the city of

Domingos Martins, where few believed that

coffee would yield good results. Henrique

continued the project without using chemical

and industrial products, such as fungicides and

fertilizers, in the fields, instead adopting the

methods of biodynamic agriculture which links

agricultural production with the natural cycles of

the sun, moon, planets and zodiac, resulting in

healthier and more resistant plants.

Located in Pedra Azul, Espírito Santo, Fazenda

Camocim is also famous for producing one of

the rarest, most precious coffees in the world:

Jacu Bird.

A super premium coffee, it is considered the

rarest in Brazil. The coffee cherries are selected 

from the trees by the jacu birds themselves. A

blend of all the varieties at Fazenda Camocim,

with a higher proportion of yellow cherries,

which are preferred by the birds, it has a smooth

flavor and striking acidity with fruity, floral

aromas. It is 100% Arabica, certified organic

and biodynamic, and produced in the region of

Pedra Azul, Espírito Santo.

Cascara Coffee Husk