Chuao Venezuela Cacao from Aragua

Chuao cacao is a hybrid trinitario with high levels of criollo genetics (up to 32%) which gives Chuao beans its unique quality and aroma.Chuao cacao possesses a bouquet of aromas and flavors, presenting citric essences such as orange and tangerine, and fruity ones like prunes.These outstanding beans have an essential creamy, soft and velvety sensation (mouthfeel), as they dissolve in the mouth. It's complex flavor fills the aftertaste with tones of hazelnuts and gives a prominent level of permanence of flavor to Chocolate.

Ingredients: 90% cacao mass, cane sugar.

The town of Chuao is located in the heart of the Intermontano Valley, 6 km from the Caribbean sea and belongs to the national park Henri Pittier.

Access to Chuao is only possible by sea and mountain hiking. The first route is the "Choroní" path, an adventurous 25-minute journey with local boats called ¨Peñero¨. The second path is crossing the mountains that surround Turico's peak of the Henri Pittier National Park, also known as ‘the cacao route’.

Chuao is a prosperous and happy town, considered by many as the blessed valley the Aragua, unmistakable because of the amazing cacao it produces.

Chuao Venezuela Cacao from Aragua