La España

Rank: 6a

Farm Name: La España 

Farmer/Rep.: Duberney Cifuentes Fajardo

Score: 90.11

Altitude: 1750 m.a.s.l

Country: Colombia

Size: 6

City: Planadas

Region: Tolima

Program: Colombia 

Aroma/Flavor: Jasmine, rosehip, bergamot, lime, green tea, green mango, guava, coriander, juniper, stone fruit, caramelized honey, pear.

Acidity: Sparkling, complex and vibrant, malic, bright citrus.

Other: On cool sweetened, lingering, elegant, tropical.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Caturra , Gesha

Farm Story:

Region: Planadas, Tolima

Score: 90.11

Variety: Gesha and Caturra

Altitude: 1750 m.a.s.l


Duberney decided to be coffee producer 13 years ago. He rejected the idea of settling down in the city and always dreamed of studying, working and having a good quality of life in the countryside. He is a lover of nature which made him become a forest technician.  


He recognizes all the effort implied in the production of a high-quality coffee. Four years ago he decided to focus on the high-quality coffee production and today grows Gesha and Caturra varieties on his farm. Duberney participated for the first time in the Cup of Excellence competition and with the professional assistance, he presented to the competition a blend of 60% Gesha and 40% Caturra. This has made him be part of the 6 presidential places this year.


He felt motivated by the participation and recognition of other producers in this region, so he also wanted to be part of this recognition. His biggest desire is to provide a better house to his family, to grow other varieties, improve the processing methods in his farm and to learn English. 


La España