El Cairo

Rank: 9

Farm Name: El Cairo 2 

Farmer/Rep.: Lucas Germán Melo Pinchao

Score: 89.36

Altitude: 2.000 – 2.300

Country: Colombia

Size: 21

City: Consaca

Region: Nariño

Program: Colombia 

Aroma/Flavor: Floral, pineapple, dark chocolate, almond, toffee, savory, tomato black currant, nutmeg, dulce de leche, orange marmalade.

Acidity: Tartaric, malic, delicate, sweet to the cool, transparent, well composed.

Other: Key lime.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Caturra, Colombia , Typica

Farm Story:

Region: Consaca, Nariño

Score: 89.36

Variety: Typica, F6 Colombia Yellow, Rojo and Naranja

Altitude: 2.000 – 2.300


Lucas represents the 3rd generation of coffee producers in his family. Today he has managed to establish a family business model with this activity. He has competed three times, getting the second place in 2014. He feels encouraged to compete thanks to his constant work, he know that growing coffee requires care and to him it is important to keep being part of these kind of competitions in order to encourage other people.

To him, Cup of Excellence means work, education, employment and an opportunity to provide a better payment to coffee pickers and to provide education to his children.


El Cairo