San Vicente

Rank: 10

Farm Name: San Vicente 

Farmer/Rep.: Libardo Cabrera

Score: 88.33

Altitude: 1900

Country: Colombia

Size: 39

City: Buesaco

Region: Nariño

Program: Colombia 

Aroma/Flavor: Blackberry, jammy, winey, tamarind, raisin, plum, blueberry, olive, cinnamon, spiced, maracuya.

Acidity: Malic, tartaric, high intensity, acetic, mint, green grape.

Other: Velvety, smooth, clear.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Colombia

Farm Story:

Region: Buesaco, Nariño

Score: 88.33

Variety: Colombia and Castillo


Libardo had the opportunity for the first time to compete with his coffee getting the 10th place. One of his buyers encouraged him to compete. To him, Cup of Excellence is the best that has happened to him as he has been coffee producer for 40 years and had never received such recognition, he considers that this is an opportunity to provide a better quality of life to his family.

San Vicente