Rank: 9

Farm Name: ZAPOTE 


Score: 88.91

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Valle Occidental

Aroma/Flavor: raisin, plum, blackberries, grape, sugar, candy donut, red apple, chocolate,

Acidity: tartaric, acetic,

Other: syrupy, creamy, heavy body, complex, intense

Processing system: Honey


Lot#9 Zapote

Producer: Oldemar Arrieta Lobo

Our small family, by generations and by heritance, has been dedicated to the coffee production. We produce coffee in the highlands of Naranjo, Alajuela. The weather is warm, moderately rainy; perfect to the coffee production.

Our father and grandfather bought this farm 65 years ago. It was a great effort to produce in this property, because at that time there was no electricity or water; the roads were in poor conditions and oxcarts carried the little coffee produced.

We follow great values form our ancestors, perseverance, effort and struggle. From our great, great grandfather, Florindo Seguro, we inherited the love for the coffee production; he used to say that coffee had something special, because many families benefit from it.