Score: 88.79

Country: Costa Rica

Size: 16


Aroma/Flavor: red apple, raisin, caramel, grape, sugar, brown sugar dried fruit rum

Acidity: malic/ tartaric

Other: creamy, sweet and long finish, rich body

Processing system: Honey

Variety : CATURRA

Lot#10 El Corral

Producer: Oldemar Arrieta Lobo

Each of our properties has a special affection since they have their own history. For example, El Corral is a micro-plot of Finca FIDEL (COE Winner in 2013). It was acquired about 11 years ago and right there we spent our childhood and youth.

The most important challenges were at the beginning. The former owner had it with pasture. We set a corral (livestock enclosure) to take care of animals for the sale of meat, while small seedlings of coffee (almacigos) were made, until it was time to plant around the corral. Hence the name of the farm.

In our family we live the passion to produce high quality micro-lots. In time of harvest we try to have a continuous improvement with respect to past years, in order to obtain a certificate of quality, like this one: CUP OF EXCELLENCE, a contest for which we feel very Proud and the people of SCACR who organize it.

Vista Al Valle microlots are given a periodic measurement of brix degrees to determine the sugars diluted in water that the coffee beans are acquiring during harvesting. It is harvested with its maximum percentage of sugars. Round an average of 25 to 30 degree-brix.