Rank: 10

Farm Name: Xoxohuico 

Farmer/Rep.: Carlos Garcia Campillo

Score: 88.28

Altitude: 1250

Country: Mexico

Size: 11

City: Huitzilán de Serdán

Region: Puebla

Program: México 

Aroma/Flavor: honey, apricot, blackberry, nut, cherry, dried fruits, cane sugar, guava, vanilla, cinnamon, molasses

Acidity: orange, lemongrass, delicate

Other: creamy mouthfeel, evergreen, complex, sweet, saturated sugar, peach, peach tea, fig

Processing system: Natural

Variety : Garnica

Farm Story:

Variety: Garnica Process: Natural Score: 88.28 Estate: Puebla 

Carlos García Campillo Huitzilan de Serdán

“The coffee sector is an engine for the economy that generates prosperity and creates employment positions, which are necessary for our families’ welfare”. 

The farm is located in Huitzilan de Serda_n, Puebla state, at 1250m altitude.