Rank: 6



Score: 89.57

Altitude: 1050 -1180 masl

Country: Brazil Pulped Naturals



Program: Brazil Pulped Naturals 

Aroma/Flavor: honey, melon, chocolate, browning caramel, praline, winy.

Acidity: citric, peach, yellow citric.

Other: silky mouthfeel, elegant, melon, peach, well balanced, tropical fruits.

Processing system: PULPED Natural

Variety : CATUCAi

Farm Story:

Characteristics of the coffee lot

Processing: Washed

Variety: Catucaí 785/15

Average elevation: 1080 masl

Characteristics of the property

Location: Brejetuba, ES

Region: Montanhas do Espírito Santo

Total area: 14 ha

Area planted with coffee: 4 ha

Highest elevation: 1180 masl

Lowest elevation: 1050 masl

History of the farm

Sítio Rancho Dantas is located in the city of Brejetuba in Montanhas do Espírito do Santo region. It is 27 km from the city center at kilometer 123 on highway BR 262. In the 60s, Mr. Firmino Menegheti moved to the region with his family and began to work the land, opting for coffee as his main crop. At this time, he was already producing quality coffees, but due to market fluctuations, the production of quality was ignored until around 2000 when the farm passed to his sons. On Joselino Menegueti’s area, also called Sítio Rancho Dantas, a complete transformation was done with the goal of returning to producing specialty coffees, aggregating value and increasing income, as the valuation and consumption of this product were increasing strongly. Together with this quality coffee process came the search for and concern about the quality of life and preservation of the environment.

Today the farm stands out for producing specialty coffees, mainly using the pulped natural, natural and washed process with natural fermentation in a water tank. The farm follows all environmental laws and regulations, it has permanent forest reserves participates in reforestation and water production programs and is FAIR TRADE compliant. Since 2004, Mr. Joselino Menegueti and his son Leidiomar Moreira Menegueti have made great efforts toward success and improvements at all stages. They work together and make decisions jointly about all processes on the farm. Their objective is to grow sustainably, seeking to improve the quality of their coffee, their lives, and the environment.