Don Cayito

Farmer/Rep.: Luis Ricardo Calderón Madrigal

Score: 90.35

Altitude: 1850-2000msnm

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazú

Aroma/Flavor: jasmine, floral, peach, apple, bergamot, orange, honey, apricot, sugar cane

Acidity: citric,

Other: round, good balance, consistent, juicy, notably clean and sweet

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Gesha

Lot#3 Don Cayito

Producer: Luis Ricardo Calderón Madrigal

This farm was bought in 2013 from a neighbor of the town.

Its name is in honor of our great-grandfather Ricardo Calderón, better known as Cayito Brenes.

The cherries are picked by Panamanian natives from January to April.
The entire Calderón Castillo family works in different positions in the mill and in the management of the plot.
Height: 1850-2000msnm

Varieties of coffee in the farm: Gesha, Caturra, Villalobos, Catuai and Typical trees such as avocado, sweet lemon and tangerine.

Don Cayito