Score: 89.76

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Valle Occidental

Aroma/Flavor: cinnamon, red apple, caramel, cherry, , spicy black cherry, apricot, vanilla ice cream, sugar cane, brown sugar, molasses, honey, butter

Acidity: complex, malic, tartaric, citric, acetic

Other: full body, silky, long finish, long brown spice finish

Processing system: Anaerobic


Lot#4 El Diamante

Producer: Carlos Fernández Morera

Café de Altura de San Ramón, as a company, has been developed in three pillars: sustainability, quality and values, giving a special importance to continuous improvement. Café de Altura is one of the companies in Costa Rica , which since 2005 has had coffees participating in all quality competitions and their auctions. Four years ago we started an investigation project about Anaerobic Fermentation. El Diamante (The Diamond) is the result of this investigation. The Anaerobic Fermentation Process consists on taking the coffee beans right after the pulping stage and putting them into the fermentation tank. Then mucilage, previously chosen, is added. We mix the beans, the mucilage and a little bit of water putting a hermetically sealed lid on and monitoring all the process from beginning to end. We must take care of different factors such as: Temperature, PH, time, pressure and brix degrees. The main purposes of this process is to potentiate or increase the flavors present in the mucilage and make an exchange between the mucilage and the beans, this is how we end up having a completely different coffee.