Rank: 7

Farm Name: SiTIO DO BONÉ 


Score: 89.43

Altitude: 1020 – 1350 masl

Country: Brazil Pulped Naturals


Region: Minas Gerais

Program: Brazil Pulped Naturals 

Aroma/Flavor: Peach, molasses, jasmine, floral, rose, ginger, sugar browning, lemon-grass, orange, cranberry, malt.

Acidity: citric, vibrant, crisp, bright.

Other: smooth, clean and creamy, silky, round.

Processing system: PULPED Natural

Variety : CATUAi

Farm Story:

Characteristics of the coffee lot

Processing: Pulped Natural

Variety: Catuaí

Average elevation: 1150 masl

Characteristics of the property

Location: Araponga, MG

Region: Matas de Minas

Total area: 40 ha

Area planted with coffee: 20 ha

Highest elevation: 1350 masl

Lowest elevation: 1020 masl

History of the farm

Coffee cultivation began at Sítio do Boné around 40 years ago. The 4th generation family is dedicated to producing specialty coffees. Since the beginning, it has produced extremely high-quality coffees. It is located in Estouros, in the rural zone of the city of Araponga, MG, in the Matas de Minas region. Producer Vanderlei Paulo Martins was born, grew up and now lives on the farm, continuing his family’s work with coffee. There is a history of hard work and great satisfaction on the farm. Sítiodo Boné measures 40 hectares, with 20 hectares of coffee. All management is done by the family. The producer feels very fortunate to be in the area of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park and located at the feet of a mountain range, which strengthens the production of high-quality beans as the elevation is around 1350 meters. The property is around 20 km from Araponga, a city that has great touristic potential with several waterfalls and lush mountain peaks. He producer is very happy to work in and be a citizen of Araponga.

Coffee processing system

In the wet process, first, the beans are washed and separated based on points of ripeness. Next, the husk and pulp are removed in a huller.

Concern about quality 

After being separated, the beans are dried to ensure the quality of the coffee. Drying is doneon patios.