Las Rosas

Rank: 7

Farm Name: Las Rosas 

Farmer/Rep.: Rolando Belarmino Villatoro Villatoro

Score: 88.47

Altitude: 770

Country: Guatemala

Size: 18

City: San Pedro Necta

Region: Huehuetenango

Program: Guatemala 

Aroma/Flavor: Brown sugar, Caramel, Dark chocolate, Jasmine, Lemon, Peach, Sweet, Apricot, Bergamot, Brown sugar, Caramel, Fig, Floral, Green apple, Honey, Jasmine, Lemon, Malt, Mandarine, Peach, Plum, Red apple, Sweet, Vanilla.

Acidity: Apple, Bright, Citric, Green apple, Lemon, Lively, Malic, Orange, Red apple, Refined, Tartaric.

Other: Juicy, Lingering, Persistent, Smooth, Integrated, Well balanced, Clean, Buttery, Complete, Creamy, Round, Silky, Sirupy, Smooth, Improved as it cools, Caramel, Dark chocolate, Honey, Juicy, Sweet.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Gesha

Farm Story:

Las Rosas Finca Las Rosas started growing coffee in 1915, with Bourbón and Typica varieties. It is now the forth generation in charge of this beautiful product. The farm has been inherited since Valentin Villatoro Ventura, its first owner. He inherited to his son Onofre Efrain Villatoro Lopez. Isabel Villatoro Hernandez and her descendants are now managing the farm. We continued the tradition of our ancestors because we like to grow high quality coffee. We relieve that quality is the key to receive better prices that will also help us improve production procedures, facilities, receive better prices and thus, improve the lives of our workers with better salaries, health and education. This is the second time we classify in an auction program. We are very happy that buyers can always find the same quality. We think our challenge the coming years is to participate and qualify in events like Cup of Excellence because our quality remains or improves. We think Cup of Excellence is a magnificent opportunity to show World Wide the type and quality coffees we produce in Guatemala . Our biggest obstacles are lack of people willing to work in the fields and expensive fertilizers. We have, though, overcome to the crisis of low prices that harmed us for a period of time. Nevertheless, our biggest advantages are the altitude where the farm is located, ideal microclimatic conditions, traditional wet mill and sun dry. We grow many different varieties to satisfy the market: Villas Sarchi, Caturra, Bourbón, Mundo novo, yellow Bourbón, Catimor and Typica. When we received Cup of Excellence 2008 award, we thought that all the efforts, sacrifices and dedication for producing exemplary coffee was worth it. Now, we would like to know who buys our coffee lot. We would like to build a close relationship, learn from the buyer how this coffee will be sold to the final consumer, invite them to visit our farm and show them how the coffee was produced. And why not, maybe some day visit them and drink a fine cup of coffee.


Average temperature C: 22
Annual rainfall mm: 1700
Type of oil and predominant element: Loamy-Clay (Loamy: balance of clay, sand and limestone)
Relative humidity %: 60
Type of shade trees: Inga and Gravilea
Beginning of harvest: January 
End of harvest: April


Mills in the farm: Wet mill
Drying method: Sun
Annual production (69 K): 750
Temporary Employees: 60
Permanent Employees: 10


2 AUCTION AWARDS 2005-2008

Las Rosas