Las Macadamias

Rank: 3

Farm Name: Las Macadamias 

Farmer/Rep.: Arturo Manuel Aguirre Saenz

Score: 89.69

Country: Guatemala

Size: 20

City: La Libertad

Region: Huehuetenango

Program: Guatemala 

Aroma/Flavor: Almond, Brown sugar, Floral, Fruit, Honey, Nutty, Red wine, Berries, Black tea, Blackcurrant, Cherry, Chocolate, Cranberry, Grape fruit, Green apple, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarine, Orange, Peach, Plum, Pulpy, Red wine, Soft, Strawberry, Vanilla, Watermelon.

Acidity: Bright, Citric, Complex, Fruit, Intense, Lemon, Lively, Malic, Soft, Tartaric.

Other: Juicy, Lingering, Long-lasting, Well balanced, Clean, Complete, Creamy, Dense, Mouth-expanding, Tea Like, Well structured, Faded as it cools, Improved as it cools, Caramel, Dark chocolate, Honey, Juicy, Sweet.

Processing system: Natural

Variety : Gesha Malawi

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Farm Story:

Huehuetenango is a traditional coffee region that produces high quality beans. On that place, in La Libertad is located Las Macadamias an experimental farm of El Injerto. Located south of El Injerto, with an area of 12.4 has. at an elevation of 5000 to 5800 feet.

Las Macadamias used to be part of El Injerto farm founded in the 1890`s. For different reasons the farm was separated from El Injerto as well as others, but it has been worked with the same hard work, passion and quality control.

In this farm we try different agricultural practices, as pruning types, fertilizers, weed control and even varieties; this help us evaluate different methods and if they work we use them in a longer term.


Most of the plantation is a natural blend of Catuai and Bourbón, only a small area at the top is 100% Bourbón.


Geographic characteristics:

Location: Huehuetenango, La Libertad

Area: 128.07 ha

Altitude range: 5000 – 7500 feet

Type of soil and predominant element: Loamy-Clay

Shade trees: Inga


Climatic characteristics:

Average temperature: 22°C

Annual rainfall: 2000mm

Relative humidity: 75%

Coffee production characteristics:

Harvest season: January to March

Drying process: Sun

Mill: Wet and dry

Annual production: 43.33 (69-Kg bags)


Previous Awards:

Cup of Excellence®2009, Cup of Excellence®2010, Cup of Excellence®2011


Certification: Cup of Excellence / Rainforest Alliance 

Las Macadamias