Rank: 8



Score: 89.00

Altitude: 1000 – 1300 masl

Country: Brazil Pulped Naturals


Region: Minas Gerais

Program: Brazil Pulped Naturals 

Aroma/Flavor: Honey, caramel, brown sugar, chocolate, tangerine, cardamom, vanilla.

Acidity: bright, silky mouthfeel, malic.

Other: sparkling, green apple, cider, pear, orange, creamy, cinnamon, sweet orange.

Processing system: PULPED Natural

Variety : Botelhos

Certifications: UTZ, Organic

Farm Story:

Characteristics of the coffee lot

Processing: Pulped Natural

Variety: Arara

Average elevation: 1150 masl

Characteristics of the property

Location: Botelhos, MG

Region: Sul de Minas

Total area: 1300 ha

Area planted with coffee: 400 ha

Highest elevation: 1300 masl

Lowest elevation: 1000 masl

History of the farm

Fazenda Sertãozinho has a total area of 1300 hectares, with 400 hectares planted with coffee. The oldest crops on the farm date back to 1948. Most of the workers live on the farm itself and are duly provided with health and dental plans. The symbol of Fazenda Sertãozinho is a 1500-year old pink cariniana tree.

Coffee processing system

Coffee picking only occurs at peak maturation. The beans are picked by hand over cloths to avoid contact with the ground. After being picked, the coffee cherries are washed and spread on patios for drying. They dry slowly under reaching 11% humidity. After drying, the coffee is conditioned in wooden rest boxes.

This lot comes from a plot called Hasegawa,

which is the first area with organic coffee on

Fazenda Sertãozinho.

Concern about quality

José Renato G. Dias, an agronomist engineer

specialized in coffee cultivation, is the general

manager of Fazenda Sertãozinho. The property

is certified by the UTZ socio-environmental

management system as well ISO 9001:2008

quality management.