Los Robles


Rank: 5

Farm Name: Los Robles 

Farmer/Rep.: Sergio Enamorado Moreno

Score: 89.35

Altitude: 1650

Country: Honduras

Size: 15

City: Las Vegas

Region: Santa Barbara

Program: Honduras 

Aroma/Flavor: plum, honey, cinnamon, purple flowers, blackberry, green apple, cherry, honey

Acidity: orange malic, complex,

Other: creamy mf, wine, refined, orange= tart

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Pacas

LOT# 5

Farm: Los Robles

Farmer: Sergio Enamorado Moreno

Farm’s name and location:

Los Robles farm is located in El Cedral community in the municipality of Las Vegas, Department of Santa Barbara. It has an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level.

What is your farm’s history? Is your farm a family unit? How long has it belonged to your family? How many members make up your family?

My father gave me a plot as inheritance to plant my own coffee farm in 2005. He taught me to produce coffee and I worked with him since I was a child. All my family, my wife and my two children depend of the coffee production, it is the only economic activity to support our family.

How many persons work in your farm, family members, permanent employees and temporary employees?

I am in charge of all the activities in the farm, eventually I hire some temporary employees of the community to help me in the maintenance of the farm. For recollect the cherries I hire 15 persons who are very well trained to pick the ripe cherries.

What natural resources conservation practices do you follow in the farm?

I have different kinds of trees planted in my farm to avoid the soil erosion.

What is the shade percentage and the varieties found in your farm?

I use Gravilea and Roble trees for shade, my farm has 40 % of shade.

What type of fertilization process and rust control do you use in your farm?

I use soil analysis to fertilize my farm with a combination of organic a chemical fertilizers. Chicken manure and coffee pulp are the organic fertilizers, combine with 18-46-0; 12-12-12 and Urea twice a year. To control the coffee rust I use Alto 100 three times a year, the last application is always 80 days before the harvest.

What type of management do you use in your farm (traditional, semi-technical, and technical?)

Sergio’s farm is a semi-technical type.

Are you part of an association or cooperative?

She is participating by himself.

What is the secret for winning this competition (describe the preparation process of the competing lot)?

Picking the cherries ripe is the key to have a good Coffee, putting away all the damage grains and garbage and keep the coffee clean during all the process of milling a drying. I prepared this coffee with a lot sacrifice and dedication.

How does it feel to be a winner of the Cup of Excellence?

I feel happy and satisfied because my work was recognized and this motivates me to keep working hard to get better options to sell my Coffee.

Who prepares your coffee for exportation? (Explain how you sell it and to whom)?

I sell my coffee to Australia through San Vicente Exporter  

What is your opinion of the Cup of Excellence?

COE is the best option for small farmer to get into the international market.

What has been your experience in the Cup of Excellence?

It was my first time participating in COE.

Los Robles