El Liquidambo

Rank: 6

Farm Name: El Liquidambo 

Farmer/Rep.: Ma Nery Marquez Granados

Score: 89.22

Altitude: 1409

Country: Honduras

Size: 13

City: Marcala

Region: La Paz

Program: Honduras 

Aroma/Flavor: melon orange, strawberry, cherry, stone fruity, apricot

Acidity: subtle, layered tangerine

Other: lingering aftertaste, long finish sugar cane juicy, nectar, honey, jasmine finish, watermelon, chocolate

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Catuai

LOT# 6

Farm: El Liquidambo

Farmer: Ma Nery Marquez Granados

Farm’s name and location:

El Liquidambo farm is located in Las Acacias community in the municipality of Marcala, Department of La Paz. It has an altitude of 1410 meters above sea level.

What is your farm’s history? Is your farm a family unit? How long has it belonged to your family? How many members make up your family?

My husband and I planted the first Coffee plants in 1980 in a plot of land that my husband’s father gave him as an inherence. Time after I sold a cow that my parents gave me and we planted another area with coffee, then we depulped the coffee manually and dried the coffee in African beds. Step by step we were improving and innovating until to get a good coffee ready to the international market. After my husband passed away seven years ago, my sons were able to manage the farm and keeping the quality of the coffee.

How many persons work in your farm, family members, permanent employees and temporary employees?

My sons are in charge of the maintenance activities in the farm, usually we hire temporary employees for weeding, pruning, fertilizing and picking. We have trustworthy people for depulping and drying process because is the key to get a good coffee.

What natural resources conservation practices do you follow in the farm?

We planted different fruit and timber trees to protect and diversified the farm.

What is the shade percentage and the varieties found in your farm?

The farm has 40 % of shade with species like Liquidambar, Pepeto, Roble and Fruits

What type of fertilization process and rust control do you use in your farm?

Analisis de suelo, gallinaza y pulpa de café. Fertilizante dos veces al año, 18 urea y 12. Alto 100 tres veces al año

What type of management do you use in your farm (traditional, semi-technical, and technical?)

Nery’s farm is a semi-technical type.

Are you part of an association or cooperative?

She is participating by herself.

What is the secret for winning this competition (describe the preparation process of the competing lot)?

Working with my sons and the families involved make the coffee special because we work with passion and dedication. We have a very good trained group of pickers that know the importance to pick just ripe cherries. I have a little depulping machine with low water consume, the fermentation takes between 12 – 18 hours and the drying process is very slow in solar dryers for 15 – 18 dyas.  

How does it feel to be a winner of the Cup of Excellence?

Me siente satisfecho. Alegre se reconoce el trabajo que uno realiza y esto nos motiva a seguir trabajando.

Who prepares your coffee for exportation? (Explain how you sell it and to whom)?

I sell coffee to Alma Cielo and ONA Coffee and the preparation is done by Choacapa.  

What is your opinion of the Cup of Excellence?

It is the best program to get into the international market, my dream is see all my sons with a College Degree and Coffee has allowed me to graduate four of my eight sons.

What has been your experience in the Cup of Excellence?

It is my second time participating in COE and both I won the 6th place.

El Liquidambo