Rank: 10



Score: 88.37

Altitude: 1164 – 1207 masl

Country: Brazil Pulped Naturals


Region: Minas Gerais

Program: Brazil Pulped Naturals 

Aroma/Flavor: Cinnamon, orange, chocolate biscuits, sweet tangerine, dark chocolate, winy tamarind.

Acidity: Structured, citric, sparkling, sweet lime.

Other: Berries, brown sugar, buttery, juicy, passion fruit, long and sweet aftertaste.

Processing system: PULPED Natural

Variety : CATUAI

Farm Story:

Characteristics of the coffee lot

Processing: Pulped Natural

Variety: Catuaí 44

Average elevation: 1186 masl

Characteristics of the property

Location: Araponga, MG

Region: Matas de Minas

Total area: 3 ha

Area planted with coffee: 2.5 ha

Highest elevation: 1207 masl

Lowest elevation: 1165 masl

History of the farm

Sítio São Expedito is located in the city of Araponga, MG, in the Matas de Minas region, with elevation varying from 1165 to 1207 meters. The farm is part of a mountain chain in the Atlantic Forest, part of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park. The region’s economy revolves around coffee, mainly as it has the climate, elevation and soil conditions favorable to the production of high-quality coffees. The temperature varies from 18 to 22°C, a great factor for maintaining the extrinsic and intrinsic quality of the coffee. The producer is very concerned with social and environmental matters.

Coffee processing system

The harvest is done manually, seeking to create jobs. After being picked, the coffee is washed and passes through the huller. The water used in this phase is completely recycled and the beans are taken for drying on concrete patios. Later they are separated according to quality. After drying the lots are kept separated in rest boxes and are stored on the farm itself. Concern about quality The owner pays special attention for the preservation of coffee quality, and focusing on this, he takes training courses at several institutions with the objective of increasing his productivity and quality each year. All of the knowledge he acquires is applied, from picking to final processing, when the coffee is sold and commercialized.