Los Azahares Invierno, Los Azahares Siempreviva

Rank: 6a

Farm Name: Los Azahares Invierno, Los Azahares Siempreviva 

Farmer/Rep.: Pedro Gómez Giron, Diego Gómez Giron

Score: 90.07

Altitude: 1570

Country: Mexico

Size: 6

City: Tenejapa

Region: Chiapas

Program: México 

Aroma/Flavor: complex acidity, sparking, jasmine, cranberry, apple blossom, lemon tea, pear, vanilla, red apple, floral, red fruit, passion fruit, juicy, golden raisin, coriander seed,

Acidity: complex, refined, mandarin, transparent, juicy, dynamic, malic, crisp, very clean,

Other: soft and creamy, long aftertaste, sweet throughout, praline

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Bourbón, Yellow Caturra

Farm Story:

Variety: Yellow Caturra and Bourbón Process: Fully Washed
Score: 90.07
State: Chiapas

They are brothers, producers of coffee since they have a memory. They keep in Finca Los Azahares the original varieties that arrived at the estate: Bourbón, caturra and ma_rago. All their production is washed coffee, since after the analysis of post-harvest processes with Cafeology it was concluded that it was the ideal process to preserve the results of the cup and optimization of post-harvest conditions. The name of the farm comes from a remarkable feature of the estate, the diversity and intensity of the flower aromas of its coffees. 

The farm is located in Tenejapa municipality, Chiapas state, at 1.570m altitude. 

Los Azahares Invierno, Los Azahares Siempreviva