Municipio Huatusco

Rank: 3a

Farm Name: Municipio Huatusco 

Farmer/Rep.: Coordinadora De Productores De La Zona Centro Del Estado De Veracruz Sc De Rl De Cv

Score: 90.50

Altitude: 1550

Country: Mexico

Size: 23

City: Huatusco

Region: Veracruz

Program: México 

Aroma/Flavor: jasmine, honeysuckle, apricot, red berry, apple pie, tangerine, fresh blueberry, apple, grapes, orange, muscavor, watermelon candy, cotton candy, brown sugar, milk chocolate, juicy, red currant, cassis

Acidity: tropical, juicy, red apple, refined, thirst quenching, balanced, citric and malic

Other: sweetheart candy hot to cold, well rounded, good balance, tropical, full bodied, black currant, sweet, orange-chocolate, consistent all the way through, cascara, mandarin orange, jasmine

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Typica

Farm Story:

Variety: Ti_pica Process: Fully Washed Score: 90.50
State: Veracruz 

These producers are located in the state of Veracruz, in the municipality of Huatusco at 1550m altitude. 

“As an organization, we target the welfare and life quality of all coffee cropping families because we firmly believe that coffee is much further than just a commodity”. 

Municipio Huatusco