El Equimite

Rank: 1a

Farm Name: El Equimite 

Farmer/Rep.: Rodolfo Jiménez López

Score: 91.20

Altitude: 1240

Country: Mexico

Size: 5

City: Naolinco

Region: Veracruz

Program: México 

Aroma/Flavor: umami, dark cherry, cola, passion fruit, rose, radiant, melon, cedar, mango, lemon-lime, raisin, lychee, blackcurrant, nectarine, dark fruit, spicy, dried fruit

Acidity: red grapes, phosphoric, malic, tartaric, complex, lactic,

Other: velvety, juicy, balanced, tangy, creamy body, explosive, cognac, intense, bright, resinous, complex, jammy

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Pacamara

Farm Story:

Variety: Pacamara Process: Washed Score: 91.20 Estate: Veracruz 

“Our coffee comes from a farm with shade management, is biodiverse and sustainable. The combination of a healthy soil and its management, the genetic variety of the coffee trees and the careful ecological management of the cherry provide these coffees unique flavors”. 

Coffee plots are located at Naolinco, Veracruz, Mexico at an altitude of 1.240m. 


El Equimite