La Ampliación

Rank: 8

Farm Name: La Ampliación 

Farmer/Rep.: Guillermo Montenegro Ayestas

Score: 89.08

Country: Nicaragua

Size: 14

City: Dipilto

Region: Nueva Segovia

Program: Nicaragua 

Aroma/Flavor: Caramel, lime, chocolate, red apple, cherry, cacao, molasses, lychee peach, fig, dates, meringue.

Acidity: Lemon zest, sweet citric, tartaric, lemon.

Other: Rich, long aftertaste, juicy, delicate.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Maragogype

Farm Story:

The Enlargement is born as an additional annex to the property to the Finca El Poste that soon is independent. An area that I bought Mr. Luis Marín in the 80’s. Located at 1300 m in the community of Volcano Dipilto. It borders with the forests of MARENA well known popularly that currently belongs to the Coop. Pine flower.



Family generations: 


Guillermo Montenegro Ayestas

Rosa Marina Lopez Marin; Wife

6 boys and 2 daughters all the same last name “Montenegro López”


What’s the secret that made you win the contest?


The technical knowledge we have received through guidance given to us for technical assistance in farm management and wet processing.


How do you feel to be one of the winners?


I am excited because I have been able to participate in this event and I was able to move on to this phase and this represents the achievements of a good technical assistance and the adherence to these orientations linked to the knowledge that we have as producers.


In what you’re gonna invest the profit of the electronic auction?


Firstly in the education of my children, improve the area of the farm and give it a better management and continue to collaborate in social work.


Have you ever participated in the contest before? Did you win?


I have participated two times previously resulting in a place winner in the second time I participate, place # 13 or # 9 with my child’s name.


What do you think about Cup of excellence?


It is a great event where we take into account the effort of each of the producers to express the work with the product and demonstrating that we do it for and for quality

La Ampliación