La Orquidea

Rank: 7

Farm Name: La Orquidea 

Farmer/Rep.: Arjen Roersma

Score: 89.45

Country: Nicaragua

Size: 13

City: Jinotega

Region: Jinotega

Program: Nicaragua 

Aroma/Flavor: Fresh green onion, sweet herbal, berries, wine-like, spicy, raisin, tangerine.

Acidity: Tartaric, structured.

Other: Mandarin aftertaste, complex.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Maracaturra

Farm Story:


Finca La Orquidea is located in the Cerro El Arenal Natural Reserve, where we maintain a primary forest area of more than 20 manzanas (0.7 hectares). The coffee is planted since 2008 in an area of 5 manzanas which were used as meadows and paddocks. The main objective of the farm is to conserve the biodiversity of the area and seek a balance between a quality coffee crop and harmony with the natural environment, as well as its wild fauna. 

Family Generations:

There is not. The property was bought in 2006

What is your secret for winning the event?

For me coffee is to appreciate the harmonious work between being a cultivated technology and respect for the natural environment.

How does it feel to be one of the winners?

It is a recognition after years of investment and at the same time very motivating to continue investing in improving the quality of our coffee.

What will you be investing the profit you get from the electronic auction?

It will be invested in improvements in the wet mill and general infrastructure of the farm.

Had you participated in the contest before? Had he been a winner?

No, it’s the first time.

What do you think of the cup of excellence?

It seems to me a good opportunity to show Nicaragua and the world the good specialty cooffes we cultivate as small producers. And to make coffee known in Nicaragua .


La Orquidea