La Esperanza


Rank: 6

Farm Name: La Esperanza 

Farmer/Rep.: Carlos Alexander López Pastrana

Score: 89.62

Country: Nicaragua

Size: 10

City: Mozonte

Region: Nueva Segovia

Program: Nicaragua 

Aroma/Flavor: Hazelnut, lemon zest, mild chocolate, raisins, butterscotch, ginger, chocolate cream, vanilla, apple, wine-like, green apple, plum, cherry.

Acidity: Citric, oranges.

Other: Crisp finish, sticky mouthfeel, transparent, dark jam preserves, sweet, consistent.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Catuai

Farm Story:

The farm is an inheritance of my pope Manuel lopez, then was converted into farm in 1997, with an extension of 160 mz, of which 36 mz are of coffee production of a large red catui variety, of different ages at a height of 1700asl  a 2 km from border with Honduras .


Has a lake in the middle of the property, having as shadow: cuabas, pinos, liquidambar, encinos.


I have in fauna: monkeys, pizotes, piteros, and guardatinajas.


The name of my farm belongs to having hope to cultivate coffee in the height in which the property is situated.


Family generations: 


My civil status is accompanied, I have 1 son.. Yoni Osman Lopez Marín.


What’s that secret that made you win the contest?


I first give thanks to god for having this property to an adequate height and a fertility to produce a quality coffee and consistent in its characteristics and attributes in cup.


I have a good management of the farm, good cutting mature cherry, a cherry float, a classification of cherry before the after, after the following the hours indicated in fermentation by our promoter of quality which oscillates between 18 and 24 hours, this depending on the climate factor, continuing with a selection of grains wet pergamin, then immediately transfer the lot of coffee to the dry benefit, in this case benefit caravela Nicaragua star where the dry is slow and careful under shadow.


How you feel to be one of the winners?


Thankful, content, satisfied and with great enthusiasm to follow implementing my process of wet benefit and good management in my farm.


In what you’re gonna invest the profit of the electronic auction?


In the farm, infrastructure, expansion of coffee areas, improvement of conditions for workers.


Have you ever participated in the contest before? Did you win?


Yes 2014, winner in fourth place..2013, winner in eight place


What do you think about cup of excellence?


It is an opportunity to promote the best coffee in the country, to know our qualities and that way to sell at favorable prices.

La Esperanza