Las Delicias

Rank: 4

Farm Name: Las Delicias 

Farmer/Rep.: Eleane Mierisch & Gioconda Padilla

Score: 89.87

Country: Nicaragua

Size: 10

City: Jinotega

Region: Jinotega

Program: Nicaragua 

Aroma/Flavor: Concord grape, dark fruit, black currant, peach, white peach, milk chocolate, sugared almonds, balanced jasmine, apricot, lime, kiwi, strawberries.

Acidity: Tartaric- complex subtlety, citric, green apple.

Other: Textured, elegant mouthfeel, clean, good from beginning to end, white tea.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Java

Farm Story:

Farm: Las Delicias

Producer: Eleane Mierisch & Gioconda Padilla Mierisch & Padilla

Tell us the history of your farm?

Finca Las Delicias is located in the area of Jinotega, at an average height of 1450 meters above sea level. This property is next to one of our Mierisch Farms called San José. For the knowledge that I have of the goodness that these lands have, adding the passion that I have for the coffee, was the reason that impulse me along with my partner Gioconda who also I encourage since my she handles very well the part of administration and finance Which complemented this society and that helped us to make the decision to make our own farm and in this way to manage the whole process of coffee value chain, focusing on producing lots of coffee with a unique quality and 100% origin. Finca Las Delicias is made up of 17 apples of productive coffee of the varieties Javanica and red Bourbón.

Family Generations:

Fincas las Delicias is a property acquired for 3 years, but indirectly through the experience acquired over the years is part of the trajectory that the Mierisch family have in the coffee business for 5 generations, which day by day We try to innovate in the processes and ways of handling the coffee acquiring a wide knowledge and experience is the world of special coffees.

What is your secret for winning the event?

It’s not a secret coffee is my passion, it’s my way of living is a world that envelops you and teaches you different things, the experience that has been transmitted from generation to generation from the advice of my mother who was one of the pioneers in To maintain the family business of the coffee industry, my father’s efforts and especially that of my brother Erwin who has been my teacher, my example teaching me that the important thing to do is not only to do them well but to do them with quality. And I can not fail to mention the team that works day by day with the same passion and dedication that we all feel as one family, and last but not least thank God for the gift of giving us such blessed lands and the honor of Manage them.

How does it feel to be one of the winners?

This year has been a challenge, I have worked with a special effort and dedicated to certain difficult family circumstances, and it is what has made me work harder and being part of the list of the best coffees in Nicaragua is something that I am very proud of it and that it commits me much more to work under the approach of producing quality.

What will you be investing the profit you get from the electronic auction?

Being this a gift of these lands and of this equipment that has supported us, we feel that the most wise thing is to return them for the improvement of the conditions of the farm.

Had you participated in the contest before? Had he been a winner?

This is our first time to participate in the contest. But as part of family Fincas Mierisch we have participated 5 times staying in different places.

What do you think, the cup of excellence?

It is an opportunity that we have as producers of being able to promote our coffee to the world and to make known the good quality that Nicaragua has to offer, and at the same time to promote the growth of the economy of the country, and this motivates us to always continue learning and improving In all the different processes of the coffee from the sowing until the export.


Las Delicias