Bella Aurora

Rank: 3a

Farm Name: Bella Aurora 

Farmer/Rep.: Luis Joaquin Lovo Gutiérrez

Score: 90.37

Country: Nicaragua

Size: 6

City: Dipilto

Region: Nueva Segovia

Program: Nicaragua 

Aroma/Flavor: Raspberry jasmine, currant strawberry nectarine, brown sugar, prune, anise, red grape.

Acidity: Complex, crisp, oranges.

Other: Dark chocolate aftertaste, notably clean, syrupy mouthfeel, well-balanced.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Maracaturra

Farm Story:

We started this farm with 10 manzanas around 1945, with the time the farm has grown around 52 manzanas of coffee, we gave the name Aurora because my mom owns that name and Aurora because it has beautiful dawn and Bella because his location and scenery of his relief and what represents to me


This farm began to work with about 10 manzanas by the year 1945, with time has been growing until arriving to 52 manzanas of the coffee harvest. Its name must take into account the name of my mother Aurora, which in addition to remembering its name is conjugated with the natural beauty of its sunrises, also accompanies to Bella by the landscape that presents its relief, its topography, its location and The affection that Represents for me. The production is coffee washed gold 1200qqs, the cultivated coffee variety is Caturra and Maragogype.


We produce bananas and oranges and jocotes.


Family generations: 


– 2 children’s and 2 daughters and my wife


What’s the secret that made you win the contest?


-All the activities that are carried out are of paramount importance in obtaining high quality coffee results, including a thorough agronomic management involving good fertilization, good tissue management and adequate shade regulation. Make good nurseries and follow it once planted, all in order to have healthy and robust young cymbals; Another important point is the cut of the ripe cherry that must be made at its optimum, then comes the process of wet processing that involves having well-calibrated machines, use clean water for washing and give the optimum point of fermentation. The transfer of the parchment of the farm to the dry benefit is done in the shortest possible time 40 minutes or an hour at most and lastly we have the process of dry recovery that is done with utmost care and with drying techniques under shade, in the case Of this coffee this process is carried out in Caravela Nicaragua .


How you feel to be one of the winners?


It is encouraging to be part of the finalists as a recognition of the efforts that are made in the set to obtain the quality of coffee for the Cup of Excellence, of course, is a lot of satisfaction and happiness represent a Nicaragua within these quality coffees


In what you’re gonna invest the profit of the electronic auction?


-All that is achieved in overcoming the costs of production of their children in the best physical conditions of the farm, their cymbals and social demands of workers.


Have you ever participated in the contest before? Did you win?


-Yeah I have won few times


What do you think about Cup of excellence?


-The cup event of excellence is very important as it is the opportunity of us producers to take a look at the dedication and dedication to the work that we exercise the day one day in our Farm.

Bella Aurora