Rank: 7

Farm Name: Mandor – {ORG}

Farmer/Rep.: Gerardo Quispe Carrasco

Score: 89.27

Altitude: 2150

Country: Perú

City: La Covencion

Region: Cusco

Program: Perù 

Aroma/Flavor: Jasmine, peach, green grape, orange cherry, blackberry, red wine, black pepper, maple syrup, fig, fresh tobacco, vanilla, tamarind, red apple, honey crisp, flowery.

Acidity: Complex, phosphoric, tartaric, tangy, malic, citric.

Other: Silkly texture, perfumed, red grape, balanced, melon, hefty body, balanced and consistent, salko, Amazonas.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Bourbón, Typica

Certifications: Organic

Farm Story:

Farm Name:  “MANDOR”

     Coffee producer: GERARDO QUISPE CARRASCO

Farm Story:


The farm “MANDOR” was founded in 2009. That same year, 1 hectare of coffee plantations of Typical variety and Bourbón were installed. In order to have sustainable work, he joined the Agraria Cafetalera Valle De Incahuasi cooperative and now they are working sustainably through a technical management of the crop that is in accordance with the care of the environment, using good organic farming practices. For this reason, excellent quality coffee breaks the frontiers for marketing as special coffee to the US markets. and also participating in national competitions.





Región: Cusco

Year of Harvest:8 years

Month of Harvest: July

Name of the Farm: MANDOR

Elevation 2200 masl

Coffee Mill Type: washed

Blooms: First days of July





Type of Soil: Stony Franco- New soils, with good layer of organic matter.

Temperature / average climate: Low 12 ° C high 20 ° C

Anual Average 16° C

Average rainfall: 1500 mm


Typesofshade: Temporary Shadow and Permanent Shadow


Shade density: 35 – 40 %


Crop Conditions: Plants with 6 years of age, full production, healthy, largely vigorous, minimal affection for pests and diseases.


Flora and Fauna Types Present: Tall trees of wood, low trees, fruit trees, shrubs, herbaceous and creeping.

Presence of local birds, diurnal and nocturnal animals, most of them herbivores.


Fertilization Methods: Fertilization with organic fertilizers applied in soil at the root level.


Applications of herbicides: Non.


Environmental conservation practices: With organic production.

  • Soil Conservation: Installation of Living Barriers, Dead Barriers, Andenes, Plantation against slope
  • Water conservation: water conservation, reforestation, sprinkler irrigation Processing

Type: Wet benefit.


Type of Fermentation: Natural