San Antonio

Rank: 4a

Farm Name: San Antonio 

Farmer/Rep.: Marco Antonio Montes Damiano

Score: 90.41

Altitude: 1500

Country: Perú

Size: 6

City: Chanchamayo

Region: Junin

Program: Perù 

Aroma/Flavor: Sweet lime, vanilla, wildflower honey, rose, jasmine, bergamot, floral, white grape, lime blossom, blueberry, chamomile, verbena, peach, plum rose tea, coffee blossom, passionfruit.

Acidity: Tartaric, crisp, complex, refreshing, white grape.

Other: Green tea, first flush bergamot, elegant, exotic, multidimensional.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Gesha

Farm Story:

Farm Name: San Antonio


Coffee producer:  Marco Antonio Montes Damiano


Farm Story:


In 2005 the land of 4 hectares was bought and that same year the caturra, Typical and pache varieties were installed. In 2013 the rust ruined all the coffee except Gesha variety.

In the year 2007, they obtained its first coffee beans and they were part of the Organic program.

Through the quality control with which the organization counts, it began to know that its coffee had an excellent profile in cup thanks to the work done in the field.




Region: Junín

Year of Harvest:2017

Month of Harvest: April to August

Name of the Farm: San Antonio

Elevation: 1500 masl

Coffee Mill Type: washed

Blooms: Beginning of the first week of April until the end of August




Type of Soil: Franco and clay.

Temperature / average climate: 21°C

Average rainfall: 1800

Types of shade: pacae and native trees

Shade density: 30%

Crop Conditions: good

Flora and Fauna Types Present: Native trees, wild.

Fertilization Methods: Phosphorus rock, compost, island guano

Applications of herbicides: non

Environmental conservation practices: Water honey

Processing Type: washed

Type of Fermentation: traditional cement tanks

San Antonio