La Flor

Rank: 1a

Farm Name: La Flor – {ORG}

Farmer/Rep.: Juan Heredia Sanchez

Score: 92.25

Altitude: 1800

Country: Perú

Size: 6

City: Jaén

Region: Cajamarca

Program: Perù 

Aroma/Flavor: Green apple, pineapple, pear, rose, tropical fruit, strawberry, raspberry, dried fruits, orange candy, kumquat, apricot, melon, fig, sweet cheesecake, red jelly, improved on cool.

Acidity: Complex, sparkling, orange, acidity, intense, 8+ elegant, apple cider, star fruit.

Other: Silky body, creamy, lingering sweetness, balanced, juicy, persimmon, mouthcoating, emotional coffee, harmonious, multidimensional.

Processing system: Washed

Variety : Caturra, Bourbón

Certifications: Organic for NOP and US for Biolatina

Farm Story:

Farm Name:  “LA FLOR”


Coffee producer:  JUAN HEREDIA SANCHEZ


Farm Story:

Finca “La Flor” begins with the intention of obtaining the best quality coffee beans. The coffee trees were planted under the shade of wild plants and fruit trees like huabillas and others of the zone. Its name is due to the presence of wild flowers during almost all the year (flower means flower in Spanish).


Its altitude is above 1800 m, and its type of clay loam soil with abundant organic matter are conditions for a good coffee bean.


The production in Flor’s farm began in 2002, with variety caturra and Bourbón besides doing good agronomic practices that allows it to obtain a good quality of cup.





Year of Harvest:2017

Month of Harvest: June – September

Name of the Farm: LA FLOR

Elevation: 1800 masl

Coffee Mill Type: washed

Blooms: 3 harvests





Type of Soil: Sandy loam with plenty of organic material

Temperature / average climate: 17-18 C°

Average rainfall: October – March

Types of shade: fruit trees and wild animals of the area

Shade density: varied not much by height

Crop Conditions: Organic

Flora and Fauna Types Present: domestic and wild animals such as birds.

Fertilization Methods: Compost, island guano and others allowed by the organic certifier and applied in pre-harvest and post-harvest.

Applications of herbicides: (NO, in case of urgency, support is requested from the field technicians of the organization to which they are members).

Environmental conservation practices: (cultivation of timber and fruit trees).

Processing Type: Wet process: harvest in the day, pulped in the afternoon and then fermentation for 12-16 hrs) Dry process: drying in trays for 10-15 days average

Type of Fermentación: (Fermentation from 12-16 hrs in tanks)

La Flor