Porcelana Cacao from Zulia Venezuela

Porcelana is an ancestral Criollo cacao. The cut test reveals 98% of white beans. This high percentage gives Porcelana cacao bean its unique notes of malt, nuts and caramel.

“The slow drying protocol of this valuable Criollo variety makes it possible to anticipate the sweetness that characterizes Porcelana. These sensorial attributes of caramelized Noix de Pekans and smooth texture allows this flavors to stay in the mouth for prolonged periods, increasing the delights of those who enjoy the purest food of the Gods", said Mrs. Gladys Ramos, cacao expert in fine flavor cacao.

Ingredients: 90% cacao mass, sugar cane.

Colón limits are: Colón geographical limits are: at the North with Maracaibo Lake and Catatumbo Municipality, both belonging to Zulia State; at the East with Francisco Javier Pulgar Municipality, also belonging to Zulia State; at the South with Táchira and Mérida States; and at the West with Catatumbo Municipality.

Porcelana Cacao from Zulia Venezuela