Cupping is the purest way to evaluate coffee´s basic attributes:

                                     fragrance, aroma, sweetness, acidity, body,aftertaste, uniformity and cleanliness.

The beans are ground, water is poured over the grounds, and the liquid is tasted both hot and as it cools. Cupping coffee is a labor of love for coffee aficionados.

Coffee professionals and hobbyists seek to determine coffee quality and compare coffees in a process that is fun and exciting. Novice cuppers are encouraged to invent their own terms when first introduced to the revolving table and silver spoon. 

We roast always fresh with the San Francisco Roaster, with a moisture meter, a density meter and a color meter based on Agtron for quality purposes, we will also cover during our seminars  how important as a customer are such tools, as speciality coffee is expensive, more expensive than regular coffee, we need clearly quality meters not to leave it up to chance to get a good cup at the end!

                                                                  CACAO SEMINARS

We offer a great variety of seminars in Chocolate Making for e.g. from Bean -to-Bar making, grading of cacao and molecular cooking with Chocolate to stimulate all senses.


We offer a great variety of tastings with our chocolate products, inclusive tastings with ageing chocolate, limited editions which aged in different oaks and sensory analysis of chocolate Liquor. 

All Seminars that we offer could be held in your private or your business rooms. All seminars are designed for beginners, advanced or professionals. For more information, please click the button down below.